Free website traffic checker – Best free website traffic analyzer 2021

Knowing the way to free website traffic checker for any site can help your business learn from competitors to optimize your marketing strategy.

When you analyze a competitor’s traffic you’ll see:

  • Their total number of tourists and the way their traffic changes over time
  • The keywords driving the foremost traffic
  • Their top-performing pages
  • The channels their visitors come from
  • Website traffic checkers are the tools that offer you the power to research the traffic of any website around the world.

These free website traffic checker use a spread of sources to gather data including web crawlers, ISPs, and browser extensions among others.

A lot of knowledge is required to offer an accurate picture of a website’s performance which is why you’ll find that smaller sites don’t show up once you look for them during a traffic checker.

But for websites with a gentle amount of traffic, site checker tools can prove an important asset for planning and growing your business.

Best free website traffic analyzer

These are the simplest tools you’ll use to see website traffic for any site for free of charge.

free website traffic analyzer

The tools we’ve covered answer the question of the way to check the website traffic of competitors. However, it’s even as important to repeatedly monitor your own website’s traffic.

There are several free website traffic tracking available to research your website’s traffic.

Google Analytics

One of the foremost popular among them is Google Analytics. The platform provides extensive reports that you simply can use to free website traffic tracking sources and user behavior on your site.

It allows you to ascertain your visitors’ demographic characteristics like age and gender, where they live, and the way they found your website. To use Google Analytics, you’ll get to add an easy tracking code to your website. If you’ve got a WordPress site there are several plugins available to simplify the method. Google Analytics can integrate with a number of the tools mentioned on this list allowing you to attach your website data to a more comprehensive solution to look at alongside competitors.


Google Search Console

Another helpful free website traffic tracking tool to research your website’s traffic is Google Search Console. Google Search Console is actually a hub for managing how the program treats your website. you’ll see which pages are included within the index and if Google’s crawlers have any errors when finding your site. The platform provides a comprehensive list of the keywords your site ranks for and you’ll track performance over time to ascertain how your rankings are changing and which pages are driving the foremost traffic to your website.

Key Learnings

Checking another website’s traffic may be a good way to find out what’s working for them and maybe useful in growing your own business.

When checking a website’s traffic, it’s important to research the subsequent metrics:

  • Organic search traffic
  • Top traffic sources
  • Unique visitors
  • Pageviews
  • Bounce rate
  • Average visit duration

Best Paid website traffic analyzer:

Ahrefs is one of the foremost popular SEO tools within the market trusted by brands like Netflix, Uber, and Facebook. It helps you see what proportion of traffic your competition is getting and why they’re ranking so high. Ahrefs crawls quite 6 billion sites a day, with quite 200 million websites in their index. It’s tons of knowledge, but this provides you actionable insights to assist you to outrank your competitors and obtain more traffic. The interface is extremely simple and user-friendly. Simply enter the website URL within the search field and therefore the tool will pull all available website information. The search overview report gives you a summary of the organic search traffic a site receives, the domain authority, biggest competitors, and far more.

Ahrefs website traffic analyzer

You can filter the report back to view the traffic stats for the year, last 30 days, or all time. Even though there’s plenty of knowledge present, it’s easy to filter and find the website metrics you’re trying to find. Keep in mind that the traffic data only shows organic search data and not other sources like social media. There’s a 7 day trial for $7, then plans start at $99 per month. Considering the quantity of knowledge you’ve got access to, it’s surprisingly affordable.


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