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VMware offers up a SASE service with SD-WAN built in

VMware is boosting secure access for remote and mobile workers by mixing its Workspace ONE offering with its SD-WAN package.

The resulting VMware SD-WAN Zero Trust Service promises to help enterprises  handle growing distributed workloads for remote workers. The service also represents a big step toward secure-access service edge (SASE), a new secuity architecture with a growning portfolio of products across vendors that promise to blend SD-WAN networking and security technologies into cloud-based services.

“The scope of SD-WAN is expanding to include remote desktops, laptops and mobile users and much of that expansion is due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Sanjay Uppal, vice president and general manager of VMware’s VeloCloud Business Unit.  “There is a growing need for zero trust networks as companies don’t want to allow this influx of remote users to come into the network and go anywhere. IT needs to control device access to specific applications or containers.”

Specifically, the VMware SD-WAN Zero Trust Service will be delivered through VMware’s service-node network deployed across more than 100 global locations, operated by both VMware and more than 120 telecom service-provider partners.  It will also become part of its VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, which is used on millions of devices, Uppal said.

According to VMware, the Workspace ONE platform securely manages end users’ mobile devices and cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications from the cloud or on-premise.

The remote-access client automatically connects to the closest VMware SD-WAN cloud PoP. Based on enterprise policy, the user traffic may be passed to a cloud firewall, a web security service, to another enterprise branch or data center, to an application or service that’s needed. The service employs split tunneling in which only enterprise traffic goes to the service; personal traffic gets forwarded directly to the internet.

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