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This Wireless Charger Stand Series Has 4 Versatile Models

The SoloQi Wireless Charger Stand Series offers convenient charging wherever you are. This collection includes four different models: PRO, SLIM, X Mount, and 360. The PRO wireless charger powers up anything, anywhere—and it charges two devices simultaneously. As a dual power bank and kickstand, it lets you use your phone totally hands-free while charging. The SLIM also charges wherever you are, drawing its power from USB. Known as the Swiss army knife of charging, it has a kickstand, wireless charger, and a USB plug built into its compact design. The X Mount works anywhere, too, and it’s great as a car wireless charger that can mount on your air vent or another flat surface. Finally, the 360 bundle creates a full charging grid so you never have to worry about running out of battery. And you don’t have to waste money on new chargers for each individual device.

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