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This UV-C Air Purification Mask Blocks Out the Bad Stuff

When you wear a face mask, you want it to do as much as it can for you. And that’s just what you get from the UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask. This face mask offers double protection by blocking both pollutants and allergens. But that’s not all this reusable mask does to protect your lungs through powerful UV-C purification technology. In fact, the UVMask has a passive air filter alongside Sterile-Vortex active protection. Altogether, these two components filter 99.99% of the air around you—and they do so ten times faster than you can breathe. The air travels through the Sterile Vortex, which contains two UV-C LEDs. More than just a purification mask, it also filters pollutants, dust, pollen, tobacco, and bushfire smoke. So whatever you’re trying to keep out of your airway, the UVMask can help.

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