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This interesting can opener is what your beer needs » Gadget Flow

Ever wish you could just cut the top off of your beer can so that you could enjoy the full flavor of the beer? Well, someone has finally invented a gadget that can do just that. Check out the Draft Top beer can opener, and never suffer through a tasteless can of beer again.

You know how most backyard summer parties go. Your host sets up a cooler full of beer that you and your friends sip throughout the day. The trouble is, beer tastes so much better when it’s in a glass—especially if it’s a flavorful craft brew with lots of hops. But you don’t want to bother your host—who’s probably flipping burgers on the grill—for a glass that he or she will have to wash later. The Draft Top beer can opener both opens your beer can and smooths over the sharp edges, turning it into a cup you can drink from.

At first glance, the Draft Top beer can opener looks like a heavy-duty kitchen gadget. Its sturdy exterior ensures that this gadget has the strength to cut through cans of all kinds. Did you know that there are two major styles of cans? The Draft Top can open both of them. Designwise, the gadget fits into the palm of your hand and is suitable for both right and left-handed users. Simply press the gadget’s handles, squeeze, and twist the device twice. The top of the beer can will come off, and you’ll have a mess-free, delicious drink.

Experience the aroma of your drink

We enjoy food and drink through our sense of smell as well as our tastebuds. When you drink beer from a can however, the beverage is closed from the top, preventing you from smelling its aroma and enjoying the drink to its fullest. It’s a bit like drinking beer with a cold, something no one really enjoys. This beer can opener makes it possible to better enjoy beer and other drinks at parties where your host would rather limit the number of dishes he has to wash. It’s also excellent for those times when you have limited access to beer glasses. Like, say, if you’re camping or at the beach.

Turn your can into a cup

When you think of it, it’s kinda silly what we do, pouring beer or soda from a can (which is practically a closed cup) into another container to drink it. The Draft Top, however, avoids this. This gadget smoothes over the sharp edges it creates when it cuts the top off of the can, turning your can into a cup. Again, with a product like this, you won’t have to look for a glass that you’ll have to wash and put away later. With the cans you open with the Draft Top, you can enjoy your drink right away. And when you’re finished, all you have to do is throw the can into the recycling bin. No washing or loading the dishwasher required.

Draft Top Beer Can Opener

Draft Top Beer Can Opener With a Can of Guinness

Create mixed drinks—in a can

We’ve all seen those cocktails in a can. But those, too, you have to pour into a glass. And most of the time, the spirit-to-soda ratio is not your favorite. This beer can opener, however, will let you make a cold cocktail just the way you like it, in a container that’s actually convenient.

Draft Top Beer Can Opener

Draft Top Beer Can Opener With V8 and Mix-Ins

Add your garnishes

And along mixed drinks is the possibility of adding a garnish to your drink. Everyone loves a Corona with a slice of lime. But if you’ve got the canned version, you’ll have to get out a glass. Not so when you’ve got the Draft Top. Once the top is removed, you can set a slice of lime on the side of your ‘glass’ like a garnish, adding an instant visual component to your drink. They say we eat and drink with our eyes, after all. The Draft Top will add some zing to your typical party drinks. The mix-in possibilities are endless here, but you could also create Bloody Marys, rum and cokes, shandys, and more.

Draft Top Beer Can Opener

Draft Top Beer Can Opener on a Stone Background

Use this gadget for non-alcoholic canned drinks, too

It isn’t all about the alcohol, of course. This beer can opener can also remove the top of canned coffee drinks. This would let you add your own cinnamon or cocoa powder to the top. Use the gadget on sparkling lemonades, iced tea, and more to get the ultimate flavor from whatever you’re drinking.

Draft Top Beer Can Opener

Draft Top Beer Can Opener With Various Open Cans of Beer

It’s about time someone came up with a way to safely remove the top of a beer can so that people can drink from it. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll enjoy a beer in any form. But it never really tastes as good in a can as it does in a glass. You can’t smell it as well or get as good of a feel for the bubbles in your mouth. So this is a gadget I’d totally get for myself or as a gift for a beer-enthusiast friend. Top Draft is a device that will always come in handy when you don’t have a glass at the ready or if you just don’t want to wash another glass.

Draft Top beer can openers cost $21.25, and you can buy them from the official website.

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