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These Foldable Wireless Cver-Ear Headphones Collapse

The Master & Dynamic MW60 Foldable Wireless Over-Ear Headphones aren’t just super stylish, but they’re also long-lasting. These wireless headphones have a battery life of about 16 hours. Meaning that you can probably get away with using them for a few days without needing to recharge. With these foldable headphones, you also get a noise-canceling microphone. It’s omnidirectional, so it doesn’t matter where the noise is coming from. If you’re in a crowded train station and need to make an important call, these headphones ensure the person on the other end hears only what you want. Additionally, these leather headphones have simple, intuitive controls so you can manage them with a simple tap. On top of all this, their sound quality is among the best, so you’ll enjoy their music-playing ability.

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