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Pure Storage unveils an all-flash hybrid-storage killer

All-flash storage arrays are fairly common in the most mission-critical of environments, where response time is of the essence. But if you move a step down to where archival activity takes place, there are still plenty of hard-disk/flash hybrid storage arrays.

That’s because hard-disk drives have retained one advantage over flash: capacity. HDDs from Seagate and Western Digital are pushing into the 20TB range for a whole lot less than a comparable flash drive.

But Pure Storage thinks the second generation of its FlashArray//C storage platform will be a hybrid flash/disk storage killer because it has the capacity to match a hybrid array with an all-flash storage setup. The pitch is that with FlashArray//C’s capacity, enterprises can do away with hard-drive-based storage, which draws much more power than an SSD and generates far more heat.

The FlashArray//C is intended for tier 2 workloads where hard disks could be used, such as backup and data protection, test/dev environments, and workload consolidation. The Flash Array//C is positioned under the FlashArray//X, which is designed for tier 1 business-critical workloads and uses faster NAND chips.

The FlashArray//C uses what Pure Storage calls an “enterprise-grade all-QLC flash array” that is 30% cheaper than similarly sized hybrid storage arrays on the market today. It comes with 24.7TB QLC DirectFlash modules now, with 49TB coming soon, the latter being the largest module in the industry up to now.

The 24.7TB module is five times the capacity of the first generation FlashArray//C. Maximum raw capacity quadruples from 366TB to 1.8PB in 9RU, with effective capacity after data deduplication increasing fourfold, from 1.3PB to 5.2PB.

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