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Mozilla’s VPN May Finally Start Passing Packets In A Month

Not Just An Extension Anymore But Remains US Only

The Mozilla VPN extension has been in beta since last September in the US for Windows 10, Chromebooks, Android, and iOS devices.  Originally it was a free service but with this change Mozilla will start charging $4.99/month and while they are working on versions for Mac and Linux, they aren’t quite ready to release those yet.

Today they announced the full featured Mozilla VPN, which will expand protection to other browsers and online OS services which should launch within four weeks.  The new VPN will switch from routing through CloudFlare to Sweden based Mullvad servers and make use of the open-source WireGuard VPN protocol.  This may satisfy those leery of subscribing to a VPN hosted and operated within the US.

You can add your name to the list of interested people here to give the beta a shot; assuming you live in the US, as they haven’t expanded their geographical availability as of yet.

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