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Microsoft Xbox Series X System Architecture (6:00pm PT)

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09:15PM EDT – MSP supports 5 GB/s high-bw crypto on the SSD

09:15PM EDT – HSP/Pluton: Root of trust, crypto, SHACK (crypto keys)

09:15PM EDT – Logan is offering also better offload in traditional modes

09:15PM EDT – HW realtime real-time matched to decode based on sampling

09:15PM EDT – >100dB signal noise ratio

09:14PM EDT – best trade off codec, so made in hardware

09:14PM EDT – >300x channels decode at once

09:14PM EDT – MOVAD – hyper real-time hardware audio decoder

09:14PM EDT – such as Project Acoustics to model 3D audio sources

09:13PM EDT – CFPU2 for audio convolution, FFT, reverb

09:13PM EDT – MS created Audio engines – 3 engines, CFPU2, MOVAD, LOGAN

09:13PM EDT – Trade off

09:13PM EDT – Significantly more expensive!

09:13PM EDT – Increased die cost on this APU over previous generation

09:12PM EDT – ALLM – Auto Low Latency Mode

09:11PM EDT – Operates on linear light values, not gamma light values

09:11PM EDT – IO hub supports PCIe 4.0 x8

09:11PM EDT – Display processing is kept off the shader engines

09:11PM EDT – >Says Zen2 server class, but L3 cache is mobile class?

09:10PM EDT – 16 GB of GDDR6 total

09:10PM EDT – AVX256 gives 972 GFLOP over CPU

09:09PM EDT – GPU 12 FLOPs

09:08PM EDT – 10 GDDR6 controllers

09:08PM EDT – 2 four core CPU clusters

09:08PM EDT – 15.3B transistors

09:08PM EDT – 360.4mm2 TSMC N7 enhanced

09:07PM EDT – HSP/Pluton RoT – security

09:07PM EDT – Acoustic acceleration

09:07PM EDT – 120 Hz support, VRR, Xbox Velocity Architecture for MSP Crypto/Decomp on NVMe SSD

09:07PM EDT – Hardware accelerators in blue

09:07PM EDT – 14 Gbps GDDR6, 320-bit = 560 GB/s

09:06PM EDT – DXR, VRS, Machine LEarning Acceleration

09:06PM EDT – 3.8 GHz Zen2 Server cores

09:05PM EDT – Azure Silicon Architecture Team

09:04PM EDT – Final talk of the day is Xbox Series X System Architecture!

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