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darkFlash V22 White Mid Tower; Rotated For Your Pleasure

Tempered Glass, Steel, And Vertical Expansion Cards

Cases rotated 90° were somewhat popular for a while, having your GPU exhaust through the top of your case helps with thermals but you better not drop anything on your case unless you want to risk serious consequences.  If you have fond memories of rotated cases, there is a new rotated case called the darkFlash V22 White.  It is a mid tower capable of housing ATX and smaller motherboards and it is up for review at Modders-Inc.

The rotation allows  you to install up to a 240mm rad or two 120mm fans in the back of the case, with a choice of three 120mm or two 140mm fans at the front, the PSU exhausts out of the bottom as is usual now.  The top of the case has a plastic dust filter to protect your back panel, which could present a problem if you have a lot of peripherals to plug in, there are two USB 3.0 ports near the audio and power buttons which may be enough for most users.

Inside you will find well designed cable management features, drive cages designed with right angled SATA connectors in mind seeing how common they have become.  You may want to check the sizing of any radiators you intend to use as the space available to mount them is relatively slim and deep radiators may not fit or could interfere with other installed components.

Drop by for a close look at the darkFlash V22, available for about $100 in white like this review as well as black, green and pink if you want a really unique enclosure.

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