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Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset; Boot To The Head!

You Keep Using That Word …

The PR which comes with the Corsair HS60 is more impressive than the bass reproduction it provides, starting with the questionable usage of the word haptic to describe a powerful bass driver.  That leads into the actual description of the Taction technology included in the headset which “use a different — and faster — neural pathway to your brain.” to apparently improve the response time.

There might be some sense to the response time claims as Corsair specifies that the HS60’s Tactile Frequency Response is between 15Hz to 85 kHz (± 3 dB) and the rise time is 0.008s while the Tactile Fall Time is 0.085s, which is a much larger range than the base Frequency Response of 20Hz – 20kHz.  Of course, reading the packaging doesn’t really tell you anything about the actual audio performance of the headset which is why Guru3D opened them up for testing. 

The design and quality is very similar to the HS60 and HS60 Pro, if you have encountered them before, with the same effective noise cancelling microphone and plush ear cups to make long sessions more comfortable.  The big difference is the bass and from what the Guru of 3D heard these are an upgrade from the other two models.   If you love bass, don’t need RGBs and have around $120 to invest in new headphones you should check these out.

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