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ASRock Z490 Taichi Motherboard Review

ASRock Z490 Taichi Motherboard – $369.99, Amazon

If you’re in the market for a Z490 board and lucky enough to have found one of the high-end 10th Gen Core parts in stock to justify it, the Taichi builds on the improvements that we have seen over the past few years from ASRock, and feels every bit as premium as one should expect from a motherboard with a $369.99 price tag.

My only complaints with this board are the lack of a built-in stock power profile for PL1/PL2/Tau, and CMOS battery placement. Yes, Morry was right all along. If you ever need to fully clear out a board pulling that battery can be essential, and with this design it is trapped beneath a plate that doubles as the chipset heatsink, and I had to unbolt this from both sides of the board (again, that might not actually be necessary). At least the upper and lower M.2 slots feature separate heatsinks – unlike the Z390 PGX board that required the removal of the entire heatsink plate covering the lower half of the board.

Those complaints aside, pricing does look competitive relative to the market for these new motherboards. It performs well, and seems overbuilt – at least for 10th CPUs. Future-proofing is a good thing, and I would have no problem recommending a Taichi if it has the features that you’re looking for in an ATX form-factor Z490 motherboard.

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