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‘Apple Watch Series 6’ & ‘iPhone 12’ rumors, iOS 13.7, and more on the AppleInsider podcast

Updated rumors on the ‘Apple Watch Series 6’ and ‘iPhone 12‘ releases, iOS 13.7 update is available with built-in exposure notifications, Apple shuts down Epic Games’ developer account, and we discuss if Apple’s policies on the App Store are making it more like Microsoft — or Facebook.

While we wait for any or all of those, though, iOS 13.7 came out with the coronavirus contact tracing and exposure notifications built-in. Users no longer have to download an app, but the health authorities need to provide Apple with local advice, and initially only a few States participating.

Speaking of COVID-19, the ongoing situation means Apple Stores around the country are fluctuating from open, closed, and storefront service only. We discuss the constantly updated article on AppleInsider which lists all the major stores in the US and their open status.

The status of the ongoing Epic Games versus Apple dispute is that it’s, well, ongoing. Both sides are intractable but now Apple has revoked the Epic Games developer account.

In light of this App Store issue, the developer of popular iOS app iA Writer has written a blog post claiming Apple is playing favorites with Facebook. At the same time, has suggested that its move to services instead of hardware means Apple is actually becoming more like Facebook.

We have a lot to say about that — and we’d love to hear your thoughts on this or anything else Apple. Tweet at Stephen Robles and Wesley Hilliard, or email us here. Find us in your favorite podcast player by searching for “AppleInsider” and support the show by leaving a 5-Star rating and comment in Apple Podcasts here.

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